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Haulage Services

Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd (A&P) is Nigeria top road haulage service that helps individuals, companies & businesses move a truckload of goods nationwide. We provide a new and easy way to transport full container load of goods from one location to another around Nigeria and streamline your shipping process with any of our logistics solutions.

Our services range from individuals moving belongings from one home to another, Start-ups shipping sold products to their customers, car transportation, equipment & heavy duty logistics. Large enterprises moving large container load of goods from one location to another. From standard cargo, quick loading, non-stackable, small cargo, dangerous goods to temperature controlled, we have the trucks for every need.

We deliver on point. We have well experienced drivers who observe all road safety precautions and our services are second to non. We are also into Terminal Opeartions.

Marine Equipment

Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd (A&P) has the capability to perform a wide range of marine construction projects which require crane barge capacities up to 440 tons. This capacity enables us to complete waterfront construction projects ranging from new dock and pier construction, mono-pile and breasting structure installations, bridge construction and replacement, sheet pile installation, demolition, loading arm assembly and install, reclamation of sites, and mechanical dredging of barge and ship docks.

We are a leading provider of Offshore Logistics Services to some of the biggest names in the Nigerian Maritime, Oil & Gas industry. We employ the highest safety and quality standards to ensure that our Clients achieve the desired results from our broad range of services.

We provides petroleum product distribution, logistics services for transport and emergency response services to companies of any size or complexity anywhere in Nigeria. We can customize the full supply solution to keep your business thriving. We dedicated to providing efficient supply and distribution of quality fuel products to our customers at competitive prices.

We supply marine equipment such as; Functional Ships, Suction Pipe, Marine Airbags, High Speed Boats, Cruise Boat , Fenders, Floaters, Marine Gangways, Gangway Net, Inflatable Boats, Infantry Boat, Aluminum Rib Boat, Safety Boat, Diesel Outboard Engines, Petrol Outboard Engines, Marine Clothes, Navigation, Deck, Fire Fighting, Nuzzle, Hose, Hose Coupling, Jet Spray, Hose Reel, Valves, Fire Hydrant, Barges.

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